Here are presented all the information on GP Minute Offer. GP is one of the illustrious telecommunication cellular network providers in Bangladesh. It gives the best opportunity-advantage for its customers. It gives many types of offers at very affordable prices. In the thesis, I have presented all the minute offers of the operator which is more updated. So follow the thesis carefully if you need the information.

GP Minute Offer List And Code 2021

GP mobile operator, which provides the best offers for its customers. I have collected all the recent updated minute offers information and presented them in the article. There are different kinds of minute offers namely by 1000 minutes offer, 500 minutes offer, 400 minutes offer, and more. So follow the article to get all the offer information.

GP 1000 Minute Offer

To get the GP 1000 Minute offer you have to recharge 588 TK.

Offer details:

  • 1000 Minutes offer
  • Recharge 588 TK
  • Validity 30 days

GP 500 Minute Offer

GP is giving 500 minutes offer. To get the GP 500 minutes offer pack, you have to recharge 288 TK or you have to dial *121*4008#.

Offer details:

  • 500 minutes offer
  • Recharge 288 TK or dial *121*4008#
  • Validity 30 days

GP 310 Minute Offer

GP also provides 300 minutes offer at an affordable price. To get the offer, follow below.

Offer details:

  • 300 minutes offer
  • Recharge 199 TK or dial *121*4018#
  • Validity 30 days

GP 200 Minute Offer

To get GP 200 minutes offer follow the below.

Offer details:

  • GP 200 minutes offer.
  • Recharge 117 TK or dial *121*4007#
  • Validity 10 days.

GP 100 Minute Offer

If you are looking for the GP 100 minutes offer, then follow the article.

Offer details:

  • GP 100 minutes offer
  • Recharge 64 TK
  • Validity 30 days

GP 55 Minute Offer

GP is also providing 55 minutes offer. To enjoy the offer, you have to recharge 34 TK.

Offer details:

  • GP 55 minutes offer
  • Recharge 34 TK
  • Validity 2 days

GP 40 Minute Offer

To get GP 40 minutes offer, following the article.

Offer details:

  • GP 40 minutes offer
  • Recharge 24 TK or dial *121*4002#
  • Validity 16 hours

GP 21 Minute Offer

If you are looking for GP 20 minutes offer, then here you are.

Offer details:

  • GP 21 minutes offer
  • Recharge 14 TK or dial *121*4001#
  • Validity 16 hours

In conclusion, it can be said that you got all the GP minute offers information from the article. The information is from a valid source. If Grameenphone minute offer package change, we will update that information soon.