In most of the cases, GP incoming & outgoing call feels useful or boring depends on the situation. So some of the GP users want to activate/deactivate their incoming/outgoing call service on/off. But most of the time it is not easy for all. So the users who want to stop/start the service fall into a great problem. So to solve the problems I am here with lots of information about the topic. If you read the whole topic you will get a clear conception about it.

GP Incoming Call Off Code/On Code

Here I will discuss GP incoming call off & on code. So both all the GP users who want to on or off the service can get the service that they need.

  • To off GP incoming call dial the Code:*35*0000#
  • To On GP incoming call dial the Code: #35*0000#

GP Outgoing Call Off Code/On Code

Do you want to on/off your GP outgoing call? If yes, this article will provide you with all the information in detail and help you to off/on the service in your GP operator.

  1. To off GP outgoing call dial the Code*33*0000#
  2. To on GP outgoing call dial the Code #33*0000#

That’s all about GP incoming & outgoing call on/off code detailed. I hope this article will be helpful for all my valuable customers. If you need more information about the topic or any topic inform us instantly. Stay with us for more updates. Thanks!