Hello visitors, GP Ekota brought lots of packages for all of its exclusive customers. I hope you are a GP Ekota customer and get information about the GP Ekota package. In this article, I will share with you detailed information about GP Ekota packages, call rate offers, tariff internet, and so on. So keep an eye below to get more information.

GP Ekota Package Details

Grameenphone offers a unique package for small & medium enterprises.  This product has some unique features like simplicity and innovativeness. By this offer, users can stay closer to their clients, employees, and business contacts even though they remain remote.

GP Ekota Package Call Rate 2020

GP Ekota provides its all special customer outstanding call rate offer. All the call rate offers of Ekota prepaid and postpaid are available here.

GP Ekota prepaid:

  • Any net voice call-99 poisha/minute
  • FnF (any 20 net FnF)-50 poisha/minute
  • Pulse (sec.)-10 sec

GP Ekota postpaid: 

  • Any net voice call- 99 poisha/minute
  • FnF (any 20 net FnF)- 50 poisha/minute
  • Pulse (sec.)- 10 sec

Gp Ekota Package Tariff Internet

Here all the GP Ekota tariff internet packages. So not to waste time, Keep reading and choose your desired Information that you need.

*Special internet tariff for Ekota Prepaid

Pack Price (Including VAT+SD+SC) Activation Code
280 MB 73 *121*3006#
2.5 GB 183 *121*3009
3.5 GB 244 *121*3010#

*Special internet tariff for Ekota Postpaid

Pack Price (Including VAT+SD+SC) Activation Code
280 MB 73 *121*3006#
555 MB 98 *121*3007#
2.5 GB 183 *121*3009#
3.5 GB 244 *121*3010#

That’s all the information about GP Ekota package call rate & tariff other information. I have arranged here all the information from reliable sources so that you can get confidential information. How is your feeling? Inform us by leaving a comment below? To get more information on any mobile operator, visit our other sites.