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About GP Ebill

Ebill is one of the best GP introductions ever provide its all the customers some facilities like fast & accurate delivery, ensuring information security & contributing to a green environment. It is a new dimension of postpaid bill distribution.


  • 1. Subscription Process– You can subscribe to the service through SMS. Just type Ebill <space> email address and sent it to 24777. Example: ebill [email protected] & send it to 24777.
  • Subscribers’ Ebill receiving Time: Subscribers can receive Ebills nay time within 24 hours after bill cycle completion.
  • 3. Will Roaming subscribers receive both local & roaming invoices in Ebill?– Yes, they will.
  • 5. How will the subscriber change Ebill (email) address?–  To change ebill service, type Ebill <space> email address and sent to 24777. Example: ebill [email protected]m & send to 24777.
  • 6. How long will it take to subscribe for Ebill?– 72 working hours; the Ebill will be sent on the next bill cycle from the requested date.
  • 7. Will customers continue to receive the paper invoice? – No
  • 8. Will any fee impose for Ebill?– No
  • 9. What is the file format & file size of Ebill?– pdf, Average file size: 50 to 100 KB.

For instance:

  • 10. Can subscribers use a printed copy for payment?– Yes.
  • 11. Can newly subscribe (for Ebill) clients receive the previous month’s bill?– No
  • 12. How & where customers will demand duplicate ebill?– Customers can ask for duplicate bills through customer contact points.

To unsubscribe from the service, go to the message option, type Ebill <space> cancel, and send it to 24777.

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