GP is one of the largest telecommunication mobile operators in Bangladesh. Now GP has invented GP Easynet for all sorts of GP customers. Today I am here with lots of information about GP Easynet, how to activate and deactivate it. If you want to get detailed information about it, then keep reading the following text carefully.

What Is GP Easynet?

Easynet is the most useful invention of GP. It is a simple web platform where all the GP users will have free access. Via this service, The GP  customers will enjoy free net browsing, free internet, free application, attractive internet packs, and games. So it’s both enjoyable and helpful for all the GP users.


How To Active GP Easynet

If you want to enjoy the amazing GP Easynet service first, you have to activate the service. To activate the service, you have to go through a process. You have to enter the following link If you have no data, just dial *121*3355#, then you will get a link. Enter into the site via this link, and now you are a member of GP Easynet.

GP Easynet Active Code

There is an activation code of GP Easynet. To activate GP Easynet go to your dialer and dial Dial *5000*55#. Then the GP Easynet takes you as their member.

GP Easynet Deactivated Code

The process of GP Easynet deactivation is the same. You have to dial a USSD code from your Grameenphone SIM and dial  *121*3*7*3#. Then you will be deactivated from the service. You can reactivate Easynet anytime.

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