Grameenphone is one of the highly used sims in Bangladesh. There are some USSD dialing codes that are used to navigate and customize your GP sim. There are dialing codes to check your stats, data, balance, etc. The codes can be used to start or stop any new or old services of GP too. There are so many features and offer is available on GP, and there are some codes that allow you to subscribe and unsubscribe from that service and offer. And today I will be talking about GP all code in 2021. You can find almost all of the important codes you need in this article.

GP All Code 2021

We have today almost all codes that are necessary to remember if you are a GP user. You can already see it below. We have a bunch list of GP all codes in 2021. Here you can find the GP balance checking code, Number checking code, internet balance or stats checking code, minute checking code, caller tune off code, etc. Sit down with a paper and note all these GP dialing codes that can help you out.

GP Balance Check Code

The code to check the GP balance is *566#. Just go to your phone’s dialing option and dial that USSD code, wait for a second, and a new window will arrive that carries your balance stat.

GP Number Check Code

Just dial *2# to check out your own GP sim number.

GP Minute Code

To buy GP minutes, please dial *121# and select the plan you want to buy.

GP Minute Check Code

If you have already bought any GP minute pack and want to check the remaining balance, please dial *121*1*2# and get to know your remaining minutes.

GP Internet Code | GP MB Code

If you want to buy GP internet, you have to dial on *5000# or *121*3#. And after dialing into this USSD code, you can find so many packages. Now you can choose what you want to have.

GP Internet Check Code

To check your remaining GP internet balance, please dial *121*1*2#.

GP Internet Offer Code

There is no specified code to check the GP internet offer. But when you dial *5000# to buy regular packages, there can be options to see if you have any offers available now or not.

GP Call Divert Code

To active GP call divert: *21*number#. To deactivate call divert dial #21#.


To check your GP SMS code, dial *566#.

GP Caller Tune Off Code

Go to your phone’s message option. Write down “STOP” and send it to 24000. GP caller tune will be permanently off.

GP Offer Code

There is no specific code that allows you to see upcoming GP offers. Some offers can arrive and stay for a short period of time. So keep checking your inbox to get offers and offer codes.

GP Emergency Code

To get GP emergency balance, please dial *1010*1#.

GP Emergency Balance Check Code

To check GP Emergency Balance please dial *121*1*3#.

GP Emergency Internet Balance Code

If you want to get GP Emergency internet balance, please dial *121*3021#. You will get a 12MB internet loan at Tk 5 (validity 3 days)

GP FnF Code

fnf code


That was it for this article. If you want to know about more GP codes, please put a comment below. We will try our best to find our your wanted GP codes. Thank you for reading this article about GP all codes 2021. For more queries call to the customer care of GP by dialing 121. Hope this information helped you.