Sometimes most of the GP customers are to replace their GP 4G SIM for many reasons. It is not always easy to replace SIM going to GP customer care. Some of the time, customers can’t find customer care. This is why GP has taken an important initiative to provide GP 4G SIM replacement online. How do you get the facilities online? This article is for that. So keep reading to get details.

GP 4G SIM Replacement Online

Are you want to replace your GP 4G SIM online but don’t get more information about the process? Don’t worry. I will show you the detailed process of how you replace your GP 4G SIM online. If you are so much willing to get detailed information, then read the following article carefully. Based on your online request, the GP dedicated delivery partner will reach your doorstep to replace your SIM.

How To Replacement Your GP 4G SIM In Online

Step 1: At first, you have to fill-up a chart. You have to write your Phone No. of the SIM you want to replace on the chart.
Step 2: The fill-up Alternative Contact No.
Step 3: Your National ID Number (NID)

gp sim replacement

Mandatory Requirements for SIM Replacement:-

  • Customer needs to keep NID number/NID Copy (what he/she used to buy this SIM)
  • Skitto SIM can not be replaced from GP Shop.
  • The customer’s fingerprint must be matched for SIM replacement.
  • SIM replacement is FREE for GP STAR customers.
  • You have to pay Tk 200 for replacing your SIM.

I hope you have already read the article and understood the total matter. I have given above the whole system about GP 4G SIM replacement with an image. If you think that it’s a helpful article, then share it with your codes. To get more information about the topic or any other topic, inform us. Thanks for keeping me in mind.