Grameenphone is the fastest and super telecommunication mobile operator in Bangladesh. At first, Grameenphone has brought the fastest 3G and 4G network in Bangladesh. Now the GP customers enjoy 4G networks at their fingertips. To get 4G offers and facilities users phone, 4G offers and you have to stay in 4G coverage. The article is going to be written on GP 4G Coverage Area Map.

GP 4G Coverage

To continue your 4G internet offers with Grameenphone you have to maintain the 4G coverage area. To get BL 4G facilities, you have to stay within the 4G coverage area. Unless you are not able to enjoy the 4G offers, for this, you should know about GP 4G coverage. You can find GP 4G coverage area on the map.  To get the GP 4G Coverage Area map Click here.

gp 4g coverage area


The Green spotted area is the 4G coverage area of Grameenphone.

How To Know GP 4G Coverage Area

It is a fundamental question of the BL customer that how do we know the GP 4G Coverage Area? Don’t worry. Here you will get detailed. If you want to know the GP coverage area, you have to dial a pin.

Please dial *121*3232# to know if you are within the GP 4G Coverage Area or not.

I hope that I can make you understand all about  GP 4G Coverage Area. If you want to know more information on the topic or any information on any topic, then inform us or visit our other web pages. If you have any objection or anything to say, please leave it in the box below. I will try to fix the problem. Please stay connected with us to get more information. To keep me in mind, thank you.