Banglalink introduced BL Priyojon for all the BL customers who spend 150 TK every month in BL operator. It is a loyal-based platform that provides the BL customers all the special offers and services at a very less price. Here I will share with you details about BL Priyojon point, how to activate it, check code, and the gift given by BL Priyojon. So let’s get started.

BL priyojon point

About Banglalink Priyojon Point

After getting any information on the BL Priyojon point, you should know what BL Priyojon point is? BL Priyojon point is a loyal based platform where all the BL customers will get all the exciting services and facilities easily and at an abridged price and either gift physically. So it is a beneficial & friendly platform for all.

Activate Banglalink Priyojon Point

To get all the exciting offers and services, you have to activate Banglalink Priyojon point at your device. Without any additional registration, Banglalink customers can be entitled to different Tiers of Priyojon considering the average usage(BDT) of the bill’s last 3 months.

Banglalink Priyojon Point Check Code

To check Banglalink Priyojon point, you need to dial a unique code. Just dial *6000# from your Banglalink number and confirm your BL Priyojon point.

Banglalink Priyojon Gift

Banglalink Priyojon point provides gifts to the eligible customers. The ongoing gifts are,

Item  Point  SMS Code
Mug 1,200 M
Item point  SMS Code
Backpack 1,800 S

Banglalink customers can consume all the exciting gifts with Priyojon points by writing the gift’s code number and sending the SMS to 5678.

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