Banglalink Priyo tunes activation and other detailed information are available here in this article. Every day a huge number of people ask us about Banglalink Priyo tune service. So, I have decided to discuss with you the topic thoroughly. So to get more information, keep your eyes below.


All About Banglalink Priyo Tune

Banglalink Priyo tune is a service where you will listen to your favorite song when someone calls on your phone. This sound is exciting. If you want to activate the service, you have to follow some instructions that are followed.

Subscription Charge

  • To enjoy the service, you have to unsubscribe the service first, and you have to pay for it first. You have to pay Tk. 30 / Month.

To Activation Service

  • If you want to activate this service, you have to dial a simple code. Just dial *4000# or 24000.

Subscription Fee:

The monthly subscription fee is 30 Tk.

Pack Name Subscription fee Validity
Monthly Subscription Tk. 30 30 days

VAT, SD & SC are applicable


Here I have gathered all the detailed information about the topic that will help you in many ways to activate/deactivate the service.

Priyo Tune
Shortcode 24000
IVR activation/deactivation Call 24000
USSD menu code activation/deactivation *4000#
SMS keyword
To find a song Find song name
send to short-code 24000
To subscribe START
send to short-code 24000
To download the song after the subscription or if you know the song code DOWNsong name
Send to short-code 24000
Registration & Download DOWNsong name
send to short-code 24000
Delete from library DELsong name
send to short-code 24000
Set song for specific number/person RBTsong nameB Party number
send to short-code 24000
send to short-code 24000
To remove Azan STOPAZAN
send to short-code 24000
Unsubscribe STOP
send to short-code 24000

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