Banglalink online service is better now for mainly Banglalink Eselfcare service. Banglalink is one of the top-level sim service providers in our country. It has a huge range of subscribers. And for their subscribers, they are doing something really good. They are offering some online services. Online customer care service and there is something special named Banglalink Eselfcare. So today’s article will be about Banglalink Online Service, Banglalink Online Customer Care, and Banglalink Eselfcare.

Banglalink Online Service

You can do so many things online if you are a Banglalink SIM user. You can recharge your sim from Banglalink official website. You can buy various packs. You can know about your current balance and the current status of your sim. But at first, you must log in to Banglalink. After login with your Banglalink sim, there are so many online services of Banglalink for you. Those service of Banglalink enables a way to customize your sim in your own choice.

Banglalink Online Customer Care Service

There is no direct way to contact the customer care of Banglalink Online. But you can send them an email. You can send an email to Banglalink customer care at [email protected] You can also chat with the help center on their official website. Banglalink is also very active on Social media, like on Facebook. You can also reach them on their Facebook page. They frequently answer problems. You can also chat with their help center in messenger.

Banglalink Eselfcare (Banglalink Ecare)

This is a really amazing service of Banglalink sim. Here you can enjoy so many services on just one platform. And the platform is Banglalink Eselfcare. You can recharge your sim. You can so buy and activate so many packages of your own choice. If you sign up now to Banglalink Eselfcare, you will get 500MB free.

Banglalink Eselfcare (Banglalink Ecare)

To sign up in Banglalink Eselfcare, the first thing you have to do is click on the option ‘Sign up’. There will be a form asking for some information about you. Now you have to fill-up the form. After completing the process your Banglalink Eselfcare account will be ready to use. Now you can enjoy various services of Banglalink from Banglalink Eselfcare.

Banglalink Call List My Number

It is very easy to check the call list in Banglalink. If you want to check your Banglalink sim’s call list, you just have to log in to Banglalink Eselfcare and then just click to the option ‘Banglalink Call List’ and Now Select on Usage History, and now select on call history. That is how you can check the Call list in Banglalink with the help of Banglalink Eselfcare.