BL is one of the leading mobile operators, introduced the Daktarbhai app for its exclusive customers. Most of the BL customers are searching for information about the BL Daktarbhai app, but they cannot get detailed information about it. So today I will share with you all the information about the topic.


BL All About Daktarbhai App

BL invented the most useful Daktarbhai app for the BL customers. You will be able to get all the services and prescriptions at your finger-tips. Like health tips, medicine reminders, personal health records, health insurance coverage, medical discounts, talk to a doctor, and many more services via this app altogether in one place. So to get all the medicare services via the app, download it as soon as possible.

Subscription Details:

  • Their service is accessible through App and USSD.  If you want to avail of the service through USSD, you have to dial a unique code *16643#. 

Subscription Charge:

Here all the subscription processes are available for your betterment. So keep reading it.

Daily Plan Monthly Plan Yearly Plan
Tk. 2.00 (+tax) Tk.40(+tax) Tk.486(+tax)

Insurance Coverage for Monthly and Yearly Plans:

I have arranged here detailed information about insurance coverage for monthly and yearly plans.

Cash Coverage For Hospitalization (Per Month) Accidental Medical Reimbursement (Per Month) Complimentary Life Insurance
Tk. 30,000 Tk. 5,000 Tk. 10,000

Insurance Coverage for Daily Plan:

All the insurance coverage for daily plans are arranged here serially and systematically so that you can all the information easily.

Coverage Code Monthly Deduction From Subscriber Complimentary Life Insurance Cash Coverage For Hospitalization (In One Month) Accidental Medical Reimbursement (In One Month)
D1 Tk. 2 – Tk. 18 (+tax) Tk.10,000 —- —-
D2 Tk. 20 – Tk. 28 (+tax) Tk.10,000 Tk.10,000 —-
D3 Tk. 30 – Tk. 48 (+tax) Tk.10,000 Tk.15,000 Tk.2,000
D4 Tk. 50 – Tk. 58 (+tax) Tk.10,000 Tk.20,000 Tk.3,000
D5 Tk.60 – Tk.62 (+tax) Tk.10,000 Tk.30,000 Tk.5,000

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