Do you know that Banglalink has introduced its user with an auto-recharge service through bkash? Today I will share detailed information about getting BL auto recharge service through bkash, register it, amount modification, Stop auto-recharge, Stop auto-recharge, etc. To get all the information about the noticed topic, keep reading the following tax.


About Banglalink Auto Recharge through Bkash

BL introduced auto recharge service through bkash. To get the service, the customer must have a bkash account. Only prepaid customers are eligible for the service. You will be able to get the auto-recharge service only for your own number. I have gathered here all the information via images. To get all the information, focus on the images.

Registration Process:

I have given here all the processes about how to register to get BL auto-recharge through bkash. So keep your eyes on the following images.

Registration process

Amount modification:

All the information related to amount modification is available to get all the information about the topic clearly.

Amount modification

Stop auto recharge:

How do you stop the auto-recharge service? I have given here thoroughly all the processes via images. So keep reading patiently the following images that will help you to stop auto recharge.

Stop auto recharge

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