Airtel Number Check: Airtel is one of the famous sim brands in Bangladesh. You can check the airtel number from your phone very easily. You can check your airtel number by following one step. The dialing code to check airtel sim number is *121*7*3#. Let’s discuss the full process in details below:

Airtel Number Checking Process

first, you have to dial-up the number *121*7*3# on your phone. You can do it with your smartphone or a normal button mobile phone. Usually, in a smartphone, there is an option to call or dial the phone. In the case of a button phone, we dial numbers on the homepage then press the call button. You would know it better from where to dial. Nowadays, people are using a smartphone more than a button phone. So I am providing the process of how you can check your airtel sim number from your smartphone.

Note: The dialing code to check the airtel sim number *121*7*3# is used on all kinds of mobile phones.

Airtel Number Check

Now call at the following dial number by selecting your airtel sim if you have more than one sim. But if you have only one sim plugged in your phone, then you do not need to select for a particular sim. I’ve 2 sims plugged in my device and the airtel sim is on the SIM2 section. That means after writing the code number  *121*7*3# I will press on the SIM2 section to proceed. After clicking on that, It will only take 5-10 seconds.

Airtel Number Check | Airtel Sim Number Check 2

It is done, we have just finished the very simple process to check your airtel number. By following the step you can easily check out your airtel sim number any time from your mobile phone. Try to remember your number because it’s annoying to check it out every time. Or you can write it down in a paper too.

Note: We’ve written just to show you, you don’t need to write anything when your number will arrive in a window.

What If This Process to Check Airtel Number Doesn’t Work

It is expected that the code *121*7*3# will work to check your airtel sim number but in some rare case if it doesn’t work, then you can contact the airtel customer care helpline 121. Or you can email them at [email protected]. The airtel helpline is available 24 hours and 7 days a week. You can also go to the nearest airtel customer care office and check if your airtel sim had any internal problems or not.


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